‘Little Sprouts PreK’  |  Two Rivers, Wisconsin

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8:00 – 11:15 AM

A focus on learning through play with a special emphasis on social development” cms_template=”cms_fancybox.php” image1=”2691″ text_more_info_color_hover=”#34bfdb”]

[cms_fancybox content_align=”center” icon1=”fa fa-paw” title1=”4K” button_link1=”https://littlesproutsprek.org/4k-program/” button_type=”text” button_text=”More Info >” cms_fancybox_boder_color=”#ba2b6f” cms_fancybox_bg_color=”#da5192″ text_more_info=”yes” cms_cols=”1 Column” button_link2=”#” button_link3=”#” button_link4=”#” button_link6=”#” description1=”Monday – Thursday

8:00 – 11:15AM

Students in the 4k program will be challenged through meaningful play and key experiences to prepare them for success in school.” cms_template=”cms_fancybox.php” image1=”2693″ text_more_info_color_hover=”#da5192″]

[cms_fancybox content_align=”center” title1=”Special Programs” button_link1=”https://littlesproutsprek.org/2016/04/13/vacation-bible-school/” button_type=”text” button_text=”more>” cms_fancybox_bg_color=”#18a524″ image1=”2694″ description1=”scheduled through the year
St. John’s Church and school invite and encourage students from Little Sprouts to attend special programs held seasonally throughout the year such as Vacation Bible School and Christmas / Easter for kids.” cms_template=”cms_fancybox.php”]

Why Little Sprouts PreK?


Daily Hear the Word of God

Daisy2.pngLearn through play

Daisy2.pngSafe and nurturing environment

Daisy2.pngDevelopmentally appropriate curriculum

Daisy2.pngOutdoor Learning Center

Meet Our Staff

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.  Hebrews 13:78

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Little Sprouts PreK is located in a separate classroom and shares resources on the campus of St. John’s Lutheran Elementary School, a state of the art, 16 year old facility on the North side of Two Rivers, WI.  Offering a comprehensive library, one to one technology, fully equipped gym, outdoor classroom and surrounded by field, forest and stream, this setting offers an unique environment in which your child will grow physically, academically and spiritually.

PreK Blog & News

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